Lock calculation result

Is there a way to lock the result of a calucation.

I give a simplified example.
in one table I have total project budgets.
project a 10.000
proejct b 20.000

in other table i have invoiced amounts
invoice 1 / project a / 10% / 1.000
invoice 2 / project b / 20% / 4.000
invoice 3 / project a / 25% / 2.500

Now when a project budget changes (for example project A changes to 15.000 euro).
I don’t want the calculated amounts in the second table to change (last column)

My document is a lot more complex, but this is the essence of what I need to accomplish.

Hey there

What you could do is make two columns. One that is calculated via formula and another that holds a static value in it.

What you would do then is write a formula like this for your formula column:
If(staticColumn.isblank(), formula column formula, staticColumn)

And then whatever values you want static in the formula column replicate in the static column.

You could automate that as well depending on your needs with a button or automation.

Let me know if you need anymore help! If that doesn’t suit your needs I could probably try to think of other solutions or throw in an example doc to show you.



Hello @Pieter_Lesage!
What I prefer to do in these cases is, when adding rows to the invoiced amounts add the budget as a static value, not a calculated one, with the help of a button.

I normally use an intermediary table to add rows to a data table (in this case your invoices table).
This way I fill all the needed info and put all kinds of calculations to validate data so when I press the Add Invoice button I add all the data the way I want it (static or dynamic), this way I keep the formulas to a minimum in the data table.