Locked columns with upcoming sync pages?

@Ayuba_Audu – Thank you so much to you and your team for the incredible progress on content sharing in Coda. It’s been amazing to see the introduction of two-way cross-docs and the upcoming sync pages without requiring main doc access!

As I think about the many scenarios where I can’t wait to replace cross-docs with sync pages, one recurring need stands out: locking columns. Often, we have data that should be visible but not editable, and other data that could be more robust if a broader audience could edit and maintain it.

Is this something the team has been considering?


Want to echo this.

Would love this feature for so many reasons. I love smart suites implementation where you can set roles and then certain roles can edit/view columns or even not SEE certain columns.

Only workaround right now is setting a new column as formula that references the editable column


yes we desperately need this.

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