Locking: Delete Rows is OFF but can still delete row in Detail View

I have Locking: Delete rows off for a specific page. For my main Doc Maker (Admin) account, when on lock, it works (I or anyone cannot delete rows which is exactly how I want it). But on my test account, the row can still be deleted.

The test account is not even in the workspace; it only has access to that specific doc. This happened in Detail View, when I click on the 3 dot to see more options, the 3rd item on the list is “Delete row everywhere” and it does delete the row on click.

In the image below, this is the test account that is not in the workspace and only has access to the doc. Locking is on and Delete rows is not allowed, but Delete row everywhere still works.


Hi @Dayton_Dang!

I did some testing on Locking function and looks WAI. When Delete rows option is turned off, the user cannot delete rows created by other users. When this option (Delete rows ) is toggled OFF and Add rows is ON (just like on your example) the only rows that can be deleted are the ones created by that user.
Here is the tooltip that explains this behavior on the Add rows option.

Eg. Notice how I can only delete the rows I created on this doc, but not the ones added by another user. :point_right: Example GIF

Hi @Leonardo_Rubalcava ,

You are totally right! I also just noticed the tooltip 2 days ago and realized that I can delete my own rows even when Delete rows is OFF because having Add rows ON overrides that. I was hoping to completely keep people from deleting rows, and give them a button on each row to delete instead :))

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Awesome! @Dayton_Dang
So looks like what you saw was the expected behavior, right? :grin:

Yup, feel a bit silly for opening a bug lol :slight_smile:

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But you can turn add-rows off and add rows with a button. With that scenario you accomplish what you wanted in the first place and have, in my opinion, a better user interface as a bonus.