Log updates to a separate table

I’m trying to create an equipment tracking system. When users update a row on a table, id like that whole row copied over to our logging table. Can anyone help me figure out what formulas to add to each column? The columns are various types (buttons, text, selections, etc). Each time a person edits something on the row, i’d like the whole row copied over to a “logging” table.


Hey, and welcome!

I think you can achieve this with automations.

Add a rule for “Row changed” on your table (leave column non-selected) and make it add a row to your logging table with the data from that changed row (available via Step 1 Result variable). If your logging table has the same structure as the original table, you’ll have to specify all columns and assignments separately in your rule (in the “set values” section).

Welcome to the community @Johnny_Ung. Aside from using automations as @Paul_Danyliuk mentioned , here are few related articles that could help if you dont want to go automation route. (for most part automations are instant, but in some odd cases, it could be delayed)

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Automations was what i was looking for. thanks!

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