Looking for Feedback on Row Detail

Hi all, I’d love to hear any feedback on the Row Detail form. Part of this is around inputting into a Table Row and the other is the presentation of the row itself in a separate form. How do you find it useful? Is it in seeing the row entry data in a new way or is it about updating the information? What prompts you to use Row Detail vs just editing in the table? Any suggestions on how to make it better?

Thanks for any feedback you can provide.

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I like it but as an example, in card view, I would prefer to be able to quickly update informations directly on the cards.
I feel that the Row details could be more organised. I would like less scrolling (for example it could be larger with two or three columns).
Comments should be on a side column.

Thanks! I’m also a fan of the multiple columns as well on the presentation.

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It is certainly helpful in some use cases as a way of seeing more detail at once or more easily entering data.

That said, would it be possible to view comments without having to click on the row table? When viewing as a list, could it be an option to view comments in below a given row, i.e. between the commented row and the row below?

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That’s an interesting thought. I’ll toss it over to my designer to explore. What if the comments were on the side of the row detail form instead of the bottom?

Well - as for comments on the side vs bottom, it depends on the use case - probably there are good arguments from a design perspective for either approach depending on the type of content.

If comments are intended to be brief communication between members of a team working on a document, then comments on the side may be best.

In my case, my rows will contain citations to articles in the academic literature; the comments will be annotations or opinions regarding specific articles. My comments may be a paragraph or two in length so I do not think they would fit well on the side.

I’m voting for side, especially if it fits it’s own scrollable column. If you make different columns, they should all be scrollable on their own.

Something I think is missing is being able to add rows or columns from inside the row details.

nice idea…tell me more about your scenario! I’m looking into new concepts for row details

Thinking about this a bit more. I think having the icon on the left of each row to view the row detail is not intuitive for many users and not ideally user-friendly even to those who are aware of it.

This is an alternate approach that might be considered - it is an example from www.ragic.com - when you hover over a row, the background turns yellow. Any active hyperlink is in blue - clicking there sends you to that link. Clicking anywhere else in the yellow area opens the row detail; then you can either view or edit row items from there:

I don’t agree with you. I often want to click on a cell to edit the value. I wouldn’t like it to open row details.Because Shift+click could be better in my sense.

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Hi @tomavatars

It is the exact same number of steps between the two

Click in the specific place on the sidebar to view the row detail
Double click on the desired field to edit

Click anywhere in the yellow area to view the row detail
Double click on the desired field to edit

I do not think it is actually any more work or time in either case for those who are familiar with the interface. But I would suggest that if your document is to be viewed and/or edited by others, the Ragic interface is more intuitive than the existing Coda interface.

If you’re entering a whole list of things in a Kanban board or a list with filters applied. There is not a good way to enter a new record after editing in the dialog.

Hi folks, wanted to circle back. After taking your feedback into ideation we have some ideas that we have been playing with that are centered around Lookups in a row. Anyone interested in participating in a brief research session? Would love to show you an early preview of richer layouts and get feedback. Please email me at jaime@coda.io if interested! -jaime

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