Lookup multiple columns

In this doc. I have people assigned to multiple projects and want to return those projects back on to the people table. I’m trying to say pull in any projects where this person is listed as lead, support, or contractor but it seems to only be pulling in one of those three and not any of them.

Screen Shot 2020-05-06 at 11.48.36 AM

Here’s my formula, should I be using something other than filter?

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Try Contains()

[All Projects].Filter(Lead.Contains(thisRow) or Support.Contains(thisRow) or Contractor.Contains(thisRow))


Hi Sam,

This definitely feels like a good way to go and it seems convenient, but it leads to circular reference issues and can slow you doc down after adding more rows.

When you reference a row like this, you’re actually referencing all the data in that row. When a row contains several rows, you’re referencing several rows worth of data, then it repeats itself when it links back on itself.

I would keep this reference in a single direction if possible.

Here’s a GIF to show what happens even with just two tables of three.

Thanks, Ben!

Is there a better way for me to approach tying these two pieces together?

It’s important that we link people to projects and equally important that we can easily see the projects someone has worked on.

Hey, Ben!

Just following up on my question to your response.


Keeping this a one direction link for full row values is your best bet, then maybe a summary or text list of the projects that person has worked on would be a good way to have the other aspect. I wouldn’t pull in the full row, just the text.