Mac / Android App?

Hey guys, any plan for Mac App / Android app?


We are getting there :slight_smile:


Was asked by support to provide the context of my request for this here.

I’m not the biggest fan of Google, and as such I try to reduce my dependency on them entirely. I use Safari, and DuckDuckGo, and whatnot.

I’d like to see a Mac app for Coda so that I don’t have to have Google tech on my computer.


I personally need a Mac app because of workflow : cmd+tab is my best shortcut buddy.


Yup, I do really need this.

The only reason I want a android app right now is for notifications

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Hands down this is important…I just joined Coda and it definitely has better features than Notion, but I don’t want to always be logging in on my browser to access my notes. The heavy note taking is usually done on my Macbook, so without a desktop app I’m afraid I will need to stick with Notion for now…


Hi! Would love to hear about the status of this. Any timeline on when a desktop app would be available?

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Are you ‘getting there’ any time this century? The lack of a Mac OS app is a dealbreaker for me. I hate browser-based apps, truly an awful experience. Buried as a tab amongst a dozen other tabbed pages. What a mess.


+1 for me too :grin: !

Having a dedicated app’ on my Mac would be awesome :grin: !

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Any updates about the Mac app?


Hey if anyone is still interested, you can create native app with Unite app(it creates native Mac apps from websites), it worked for me)

Oh bad, 1 year after, no news. I go back on Notion app.

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This other topic could be joined probably!

I’d love to an app for mac :heart_eyes_cat:

Hi @Steve_Yang :slight_smile:
I use primarily coda to create apps that will be used by non-coda users and some of them are really complex.
Those two aspect of my docs will definitely be improved if a mac app will be released!
Also, it should be an easy process, so coda team could continue improving as this incredibly fast rate :grin:

since coda is using web technology.

Maybe would be helpful ?

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@Muhammad_Muhajir hi :slight_smile:
I’ve a little update about that, if you are trying to build a mac app you can using some apps that turn website into “native” app :slight_smile:

Any updates on the Mac app?

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This is the single feature that will allow me switch from Notion.

Agreed. Having a desktop app for Coda would be a game changer. That plus attachments are all that’s missing for me.

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