Desktop Applications

Are desktop apps going to be coming soon? If desktop apps come for coda, I might leave notion. Please add this to the roadmap and try to release desktop apps as soon a possible.


I already know about this article. I am asking for an ACTUAL desktop application with offline functionality between different docs and not only in the doc

P.S. You can also install the website as an app using MS Edge. I use MS Edge and it works superbly.

Ah, offline functionality between docs is definitely a big ask.

I doubt (though of course I don’t know ) that will be offered.

I’d guess coda will go with the Chrome app approach like so many other companies, and they’ll offer limited offline functionality like google docs already has (which allows edits and loading, but that’s it)

Cool to see Edge supporting it. Although I believe Edge is still Chromium under the hood.

One day, when we understand quantum mechanics sufficiently, we’ll find that under the hood the universe is running on Chromium, too.


Edge has a lot of features Chrome has, so I hope you can check it out im a walking advertisement lol