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Hello Everyone!

I’m hoping to build a series of strategy madLibs that use controls with “add new” available. I have 3 controls “Madlibs X” (x=1,2,3). My Submit button works to insert them into the table.

I’m hoping to find a way to user the SetControlValue function to set all 3 controls to “None”, but I can’t find any reference for how to either string actions together in a formula (Not a programmer here), or to have the one action (SetControlValue) effect multiple controls.

Thanks in advance


The key is the RunActions() formula. That will let you string together multiple actions in a single button


That worked Great! One other quick question if you don’t mind.
I’m trying to now have a selector that will allow me to insert the results from each of the 3 prompts into the statement, but I don’t understand just yet how to use a single selector that selects the row and the appropriate column/cell to be inserted into the statement all at once.
Individual selectors work fine, but I just don’t grok the “3 at once”

Thanks for any help you can provide.

Hey! Glad it worked. Im not quite sure I understand what you are trying to do?

Can you clarify

I hope I can. Essentially I want to use one selector control that selects the Row# in the above table, and replaces the text for Prompts 1, 2 and 3 in the statement at the bottom of the image.

The Text in the statement “We Could Fly” as well as “Warmer Jackets” and “It’s Cold Up High” would change to be the corresponding cells from the Row # Selector.

Ahhh yeah - you can definitely do that. Can you share the doc link? It’d be easier to set it up there and then I can help explain how/what I did to accomplish it

Sure… here you go.


Hey there! Updated your doc and selector so it works as requested - Will reach back out today to give more full explanation on how its working!

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