Maintaining Text Formatting

Help please:

I am encountering a problem that I have never solved in a systematic fashion. When I send emails via various packs (primarily Microsoft Outlook and Mailjet), I am unable to figure out how to tell Coda/the mail server to maintain the formatting of the text as I have it in a given column.

So if [Contents] is the column and it contains something like:





I want those line breaks, etc to be mirrored in how the email is formatted when it is actually sent. Currently my formulas generally look like:

sendEmail( ..., ..., ..., content: [Contents], ...) 

What do I need to know about how this text is formatted and how I can signal to Coda/other tools that I want to maintain that formatting?

Thank you!

Oh god, email formatting is one of the most horrible tasks. In your case, the packs have to support that. Do you use a Canvas field for the email content? You could try to convert the contents to HTML with a pack like this one: HTML Pack, extend Coda with HTML | Coda

Hey there,

Iā€™m a Product Manager at Coda and I wanted to let you know about the new Compose column type we just launched, which eliminates the need to use the Concatenate() and/or Format() formulas to compose dynamic text.

Compose gives you a freeform editor that lets you write and format text, including references to columns (using @) and formula results (using =). The resulting dynamic content can then be referenced by other columns. We hope this helps remove any friction caused by the Concatenate() and Format() formulas in your future use cases!


This looks like a very helpful feature, thank you @Ramesh_Nagarajan! Excited to try it out.

And thank you @Tobias_Feistmantl for the recommendation. I forgot to respond but very much appreciated it and am indeed using the HTML pack.

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