Webhook size limit?

Hey all, anyone know if there i a limit of characters or data that can be sent through a webhook through Coda? I am building a scenario where it creates a Google Doc from HTML code created from data in a Coda table. When I get over 10,000 characters (not sure exactly, but that is where it seems to trip the error), I get this error when clicking the button in coda. I can’t find any documentation regarding a size limit and the error doesn’t have any specific info. Webhooks Pack error
The Webhooks Pack server returned an error while taking an action

I believe @Aaron_Moritz is the author of that Pack and he may have more information or be able to help you troubleshoot.

I’ve came across this in a few scenarios, not particularly using this pack.
There seems to be a limit to the number of characters sent through a webhook, specially if it is a GET call.

The solution I’ve used to overcome this is to use a Coda module on Make to retrieve the data, instead of sending it from Coda via webhook.

You could do it by setting up a scenario with a webhook that receives a line ID (considering that you are triggering a single line of data).
You can than pass the ID of a line by using this formula:


If you are running your action over more lines, then simply use a module to search for the rows you are aiming. I usually set up a toggle column in Coda with all the rules that apply to the action items, so I can filter by it’s value – for me it’s simpler to set all the validation rules using formulas and then just filter by the “Action” column being true value.

Just keep in mind that Coda doesn’t allow you to instantaneously get the doc data through API, so if you make a change to a row and try to search for it in Make right after, it can break. It could take a few seconds to the changes you make on Coda to reflect on the API search results. Maybe a sleep module could help you with that.

Hope it helps.