Mass download files in a ZIP

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I am loving the ability to upload files to Coda - it has opened up a lot of new use cases, and removed the awkwardness of previous solutions that involved linking to files stored in other services.

However, I am already encountering quite a few scenarios where I have a large-ish table with a file attachment for each row, and I find myself needing to mass-download either all the files, or the files from a particular filtered selection of rows. There doesn’t seem to be any way to do this at the moment, aside from manually clicking each file attachment cell for each row (and that takes three clicks: one to open the preview screen, another to hit the download button, and another to close the preview screen).

It would be very useful if there was a Download() function that would accept a list of files stored in Coda, and download them as a ZIP. For example, Download( [TableName].filter( LastModified > now()-days(2) ).FileAttachment ) would give me all the files from the ‘FileAttachment’ column for rows where the date/time in the ‘LastModified’ column is no older than 2 days prior to the current time.

Anyone else think they would need this?



Good point - I had not thought of that. A throttle on the download rate would be fine with me, as would a confirmation pop-up along the lines of “You’re about to download a ZIP of 100MB. Are you sure you want to go ahead?”.


Update: I don’t know if this was there all along, but it turns out that if you select multiple cells in a Files column and right-click your selection, there is a “Download All” option that gives you a ZIP file. As always, the Codans just keep on shipping! :star_struck:


I had no idea all this time! Still, I tried downloading all files in a filtered table (select cells in attachment column → right click → Download All) and it only downloads 2 out of the 9 total… :frowning: I tried multiple times. Coda team?

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Holy Moly. This just saved my bacon! Just generated a lot of PDFS with a Coda Pack to CraftMyPDF and I was fretting how am I going to download them all for the client to email to their clients. THANK YOU!!! @Tim_Sherman1 for posting this. I didn’t know that was there either.

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I can’t reproduce your problem, it works on my end. Perhaps they are to large, or special type?
The only thing I don’t like, but that is a general Coda issue: it won’t allow me to skip rows to not include in your selection, so you have to set the filters on the view/table just right.