_Merge() hidden formula not creating the full object


I’m just here to point out something, to check with the community whether it’s happening only to me, or if something has changed, regarding the hidden formula _Merge().

I’ve seen posts and tutorials using this formula to generate the JSON for a row, where all the columns of that table are mapped with the values for that row automatically. This makes it so that when a new column is created, the JSON generated by the _Merge() is updated to include this new column.

That’s what I’ve seen in the posts. However, when I use it, I get a JSON object with just the following properties:

  • “type”:“ref”
  • “objectId”: seems like the table’s unique ID
  • “identifier”: seems like the row’s unique ID
  • “name”: the display column’s value for that row

And nothing else. Has anyone been using this hidden formula? Has the behaviour for it changed recently?

Anyway thanks in advance.