Formula map merging new rows


I am having trouble having my Coda doc create separate rows when copying rows from a template table that match two of the columns in the data table.

My formula is: [Checklist Template].Filter(thisRow.[Objective Type ID]=[Objective Type ID]&&thisRow.[Room Type]=[Room Type].[Room Type]).formulamap(AddRow([All QA Checklists],[All QA Checklists].Project,[Select Project],[All QA Checklists].QA,[Checklist Template].QA,[All QA Checklists].Task,[Checklist Template].Task))

However, this leads to the 3 rows being created with each row merging the content of the other rows:


I am having trouble figuring out how to fix my formula so that the three rows just contain the information for each individual task (i.e. a row for task 1, a row for task 2, and a row for task 3).

Should formula map be placed at a different location in the formula?

Any help is appreciated!

Hi @Ahmad_Khodr,

Having a shared sample of your use case would help to actually dig into the formula.
Especially because it relies extensively on the underlying data model…

As far as I can see, it seems to me you’re not iterating through the current element of the filtered table. i.e. not referring to the @CurrentValue containing the current row of your filtered table.

But again, it’s better to see and test it with the actual example.

Thank you.

:eyes: P.S.
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Thanks @Federico_Stefanato!

It looks like not using CurrentValue was my problem.

All fixed now.

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