Mermaid Markdown Flow chart support

Works like a charm! Thanks so much for this solution, much appreciated!


Hi Leandro, again. Thank you so much for creating the mermaid pack. Over the last few days, it seems that the pack is refusing the render, any particular reasons why?

Hi @Pak_H_Chau! Do you mind sharing a doc with the one that is not currently working? I haven’t seen any issues and all my charts are working just fine.

It works if you expand, but it doesn’t render in the column anymore.

It is rendering just fine on my end:

The issue you are facing is probably because there are multiple images that Coda needs to render at the same time.

I have some news around the Mermaid Pack!


Thank you so much for your Mermaid pack, been using it for so many things. Just one question: what would it take to lift the character limit of the chart syntax? any thoughts about this, is this something that you are planning to accomplish.

The generation of the charts is URL based, so there will always be a limit, but I am investigating options to encode the parameters to reduce the length that they take.

There is an option to completely remove the limits but it requires the storage of the data that you use to generate the chart which will be an overkill for 97% of the use cases :frowning:

Will let you know about new updates!