Mermaid Pack - Styling line curves

@Leandro_Zubrezki … me again… :crazy_face:

As per Mermaid documentation, the Line Curve styling option comes as an entry prior to the diagram type declaration.

Am I right in saying that - since the Pack sets the diagram type via the formula - as well as its direction and its template - the same formula call is where such line curve styling should be defined and that trying to include it somewhere in the Syntax-Formula-validated items list can only fail?

If ocnfirmed, ar eyou planning to bring support to this feature at some stage ?


Hi @Laurent_Ades !

Not supported at the moment but will run some tests to see if it is possible to include them.

Thanks! Looking forward to the outcome…!

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Hi @Laurent_Ades !

I have added support for directives in the Pack, just include it at the beginning of the markup :raised_hands:

Let me know how it goes :wink:


That’s great -Will be testing it. Thanks again!

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