Mermaid Pack - newline


Another question for this incredible pack.

The live Mermaid editor appears to suppor \n as newline character. However this appears to break in when used in the coda pack.

Any recomendaiton ? Thanks!

The way the Pack works is differently than the Mermaid editor, because the Pack generates an SVG image and it is not directly HTML as the editor and there are some things like line breaks that may not behave exactly the same way.

I will take a look but in the meantime you can wrap the text like this



and a line break will appear. Let me know how it goes!

Nope, not working for me…

No matter what workaround I try for the Flowchart diagram, the Pack Mermaid Syntax formula appears to identify the line break as a new Flowchart item and therefore fails…

This is an example:

A --o B

B → Z[<p>Leandro</p><p>Zubrezki</p>]


…of course…
working fine now…

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