Mobile App Suggestions

Hi, I am super excited to have the Android mobile app and have been trying to find ways to expand my Coda usage while I’m on the go.

So far I don’t see much difference between using the app and just using Coda in my browser. I do see, however, a few main things that I think would improve the mobile experience:

  1. Offline Access - I have had multiple moments (especially while traveling) where I wanted to access my Coda doc without having to worry if I was going to have or use mobile data to do it. It would be really nice to be able to use the app offline.

  2. Shortcuts to specific docs on the home screen - I love that Coda makes my documents feel like apps on my phone, but I dislike that I have to open up the Coda app to get to my individual document “apps.” So as a workaround, I save Chrome shortcuts to the browser version of each document that I want quick access to. The app definitely feels redundant in this case and could benefit from built-in shortcut creation.

  3. Calendar viewing - I was surprised to recently find that the calendar view just shows up as a list like any other table when viewing on a mobile device. Will mobile calendar viewing be added in the future?

Thanks for all your hard work! You are doing a great job and I love the frequent updates and improvements! Keep it up!


Ha-ha, I have a draft for topic with name “Mobile View Suggestions”, and was going to publish it in a few days ) Ok, I’ll add my list here:

1. Ability to select which columns I want to see in mobile view. Auto prediction about what data is most important sometimes do its job well, but sometimes dont.

2. Select visual style of each column or left it as it is on the desktop. Now main column transforms to large bold font, it is not so convenient, not pretty at all, and I completely lose my own bold conditional format. (Maybe this effect exists only on non-latin letters, so use full unicode font).

Actual layout of this table is something like this. Note that some lines are bold:

3. In per-row view there are too much indents.


Thank you @Skyler_Tolman and @Denis_Peshekhonov for the excellent detailed feedback! It’s great to hear that you value the mobile experience and understand specifically where you’d most value further improvements.

We are aware of these requests and would love them as well. Hearing from you helps us prioritize where we should focus next.



To add to this list, (a dedicated category for the mobile apps would be good)

Are there any plans to use some of the really beneficial parts of the mobile platform eg GPS (Get current location etc) and also the camera?

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It’s been 1 year.
I am just checking if anything is done or planned in this regard.

A functioning phone calendar will be very helpful to have actually

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Dear Codans, could you please let us know if we will get a calendar view on android, or that it will stay a list as it is today?

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