Mobile application ETA

Wow, thanks so much for these detailed ideas (and the prototype!!) Would like to talk to you more about them directly (will message you).

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Hey Jerols! I’m one of those people who uses my Galaxy Tab Mini like a laptop, and I’ve been using Coda a good amount on it through the browser. I think the experience definitely ports and there are dozens of others who would jump at the chance for a full experience on an iPad. I think you can get inspiration for input ux from the Sheets app.

Browser Coda on Android has been okay so far. Working in tables is tough and text input messes up and the site sometimes crashes, especially with predictive text / autocorrect. Selecting rows is hit or miss, and sometimes actions like reordering groups won’t complete.

I’m primarily on Android for a while, and am happy to talk if you have any questions.

Yeah using the Chrome browser on Android with Coda is super buggy. I went to make a quick edit and then every time I went to type a letter, the word “FILTER” appeared and it messed up a ton of things. Not sure what is up with that :confused: I’m just avoiding Coda on mobile until then.

I’m super conflicted with Coda. Part of me wants it to replace our need for (Slite/Notion) but I’m also confused as to if that’s at all a focus for Coda? Checking out Notion’s new mobile app for Android, it’s incredible and what I wish we could do with Coda!

I think have done a great job with their mobile app. They let document blocks work as break points and their table views scroll nicely with records opening into a new screen


Hi Guys
A Notetaking solution ?

Preface - I am not a technical expert and just enjoy trying out new technology and software. I’m also brand new to Coda. Point being my thoughts below could very well be irrelevant.

I keep reading a bunch about how progressive web apps may become very useful and could reduce the need for stand alone apps on the different platforms (iOS and Android). I know there are limitations to what a PWA can achieve but maybe that’s a good starting point versus spending the time and money on developing the stand alone apps. If the PWA can provide a high percentage of the functionality then maybe that is sufficient for most users.

I’m also new to another service called Process Street and they make it point to say that their solution works well across desktop and mobile browsers. Not sure if they meet the technical definition of a PWA but my limited experience has been positive when accessing their website with my iPhone browser.