Mobile Experience

I’m evaluating moving to Coda from my current platform. While I enjoy working and developing solutions in the desktop environment, the mobile experience is another matter entirely. I’m a contractor, and all of my employees are in the field and would have to interface with the mobile version of Coda. I’m afraid that presenting the mobile experience to my team would result in mutiny.

The mobile experience is clunky at best. I won’t go into all of the issues I’ve ran into while using the app, as it seems impossible that the team at Coda wouldn’t be aware of them. The bugs, poor UX and UI execution, just make the app frustrating to use.

Does Coda have any real intent on transforming and improving their mobile experience, or is this not a near term priority. I would love to make the switch to Coda, but the mobile app makes this a non-starter for my team. At least for now.


Absolutely. The mobile App just does not cut it. They really need to show some focus on it. Calendar view still missing and many other UX changes could be implemented.

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