Run DESKTOP Coda UI on Mobile & Tablet

I have several clients who never use a desktop or laptop.

So they expect EVERYTHING to run on their smartphones and/or tablets.
But, as we all know, the CODA MOBILE app is not as versatile as the DESKTOP version.

So I set these clients up to run the DESKTOP version of the Coda UI on their smartphones and tablets.

This gives them the exact same layouts, features and user experience that all our desktop users experience. The only thing that is not available is the right-mouse-button-click event (unless the user has a bluetooth mouse, as some of them do). But this is not a problem, as the right-click gesture is not needed for any of the workflows we deploy on Coda. And most on-screen objects respond to the long-press gesture as a right-click.

Sometimes I design special versions of pages just for mobile users, to reduce the number of items on the page etc. Users can pan and zoom around the page using the pinch-gesture.

So I thought it might be useful to some makers if I shared how we set this up on Android devices.


  1. uninstall the coda app if it is present
  2. open your chrome browser
  3. enter the url ‘’ to open your Coda account (log-in if asked)
  4. use the 3-dots-menu of browser (top-right) to set the “Desktop site” checkbox on
  5. you will see your list of documents - your ‘Coda home-page’
  6. to create an icon for a specific doc; open that doc (otherwise skip this step)
  7. press the 3-dots-menu of the browser(top right)
  8. select the option “Add to Home Screen”
  9. edit the label to abbreviate the title and tap “Add”
  10. tap “Add” again to add this icon to your home screen
  11. now you can just tap on any of these icons to open Coda in the desktop UI
  12. when you open Coda, turn screen to landscape for the best experience

This also lets you and doc makers EDIT docs, just like on the desktop (if pages are unlocked).


To edit a canvas-button, you need to long-press it (tab and hold for 1 sec) to open the Button Settings menu.

Of course, this is just a hack and far from ideal, and we hope the Coda team get to revamp the official mobile app soon. But meantime, my millenial-executive clients with no laptops can use the automations we have developed for them.

I have not yet done this for Apple devices, but I am sure there is a similar procedure for them.

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