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Android + CODA doesn’t have an app, and therefore there are some major usability issues with the mobile browser in Desktop mode, which is needed to get all the features; The issue comes down almost entirely to the way screen touch “Echos” mouse movements and somehow ends up copying keystrokes endlessly making weird entries like “Callallallallall” when you try to write and backspace ;

SOLUTION: Use desktop mode + a wireless bluetooth keyboard and mouse. Disable touch inputs. Coda works pretty darn well in this state, I only wish the text could be resized a bit so that when browsing tables it doesn’t jump around too much on the screen. But it’s truly usable in this state>


I have installed the new CODA Beta version app for Android on an ASUS tablet and a Samsung phone and I have encountered these same input/editing problems. Same issues as using CODA in the mobile Chrome browser.

I feel like this has a lot to do with dynamically-placed edit fields typical of an app like this. I’ve had it happen quite a lot with other websites. Android seems to think the edit fields aren’t really there, so none of the edit field stuff it usually does can apply. I’m concerned to hear that the Android app suffers the same fate (not all that surprised since I’m assuming it’s mostly a wrapper around the Coda webapp?)

Hi @Frank_Marsland

Could you pls tell me how do i get android app ? I am looking forward to testing mobile app for a long time.

Hi @Loi_Quang_Ho
Nathan Penner from Coda (@nathan ) sent me an email inviting me to test the new Android app. Request an invite from him to join the Beta.

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Thank you for your information.

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Don’t bother with the Android beta app — at the moment it’s simply a browser (WebView) wrapped in an app. Totally the same experience as you’d get in a mobile Chrome (actually worse, since the app keeps logging you out every time you press ‘Back’). The only extra thing you’d get is native notifications.

(I should finally send this feedback to the Coda team, but I’ve been pretty busy lately)


Hi all,
Wanted to let you know that the Coda Android app is now available! Install it here

@Michael_Armani, @Frank_Marsland - we’d love your help to narrow down the input issues you’ve seen. We’ve seen this in a few limited cases but don’t expect it to happen in regular editing. If you have specific docs or editing sequences where this happens, do you mind sharing the details with

@Paul_Danyliuk - we’ve fixed some of the issues from the beta app that required re-logging in, please let us know if you still see this.


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Hi @nathan
I have just installed the new CODA version app for Android on an ASUS Zenpad 10 tablet and a Samsung A5 phone.
I am editing the same regular document on both devices just trying to backspace/delete characters
I am pleased to say that the app and Chrome browser version on the Samsung A5 appears to be working OK.
But I have again encountered these same input/editing problems in the new app and in the Chrome browser on the ASUS Zenpad 10 tablet. It is inserting/copying blocks of characters instead of deleting characters.

Hi @Frank_Marsland, thanks for the update. Is this happening every time you delete characters anywhere, or only in certain situations (like at the beginning or end of a line, before/after a table or header line, etc)?

Hi @nathan
On the Asus Zenpad 10, it is happening anywhere within a standard document on deletion of a character/s or trying to insert new character/s all the time.
If I move the cursor to a different position in the document and start editing/deleting, it will insert characters from the previous location.

Hi @Frank_Marsland, I’m following up on this issue and hoping to identify a root cause. Can I ask what Android versions your two devices are running on?

Hi @jocelyn
The Samsung Galaxy A5 is running Android 6.0.1 and CODA appears to be behaving satisfactorily.
The ASUS Zenpad P027 is running Android 7.0 with security patch 5 June 2018. This is the device that is having the editing/deletion problems.
regards Frank