Typing bugs on Android app

It’s extremely frustrating trying to type a comment on the Android app. When the keyboard does an autocorrect, it just appends the corrected word to the end of the word you were typing (if I was typing it’s, it will end up being itit’s). I’ve noticed this for a while even when just composing a note or task in Coda.

Additionally, when using backspace (perhaps to fix the autocorrect annoyance above), it backspaces one character and then the cursor jumps to the beginning of the input box. You have to backspace one character, then tap to move the cursor back to the correct spot - doing that for every character you want to remove.

Anyone else having these issues?

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Curious - does it do this in the mobile browser as well?

Sure does. Just tested it.

Then this seems to suggest the issue exists in both the Coda mobile app AND the web browser app, which I believe are two very different apps.

I don’t use Android, but maybe @Frank_Strack can chime in.

While we are on the subject of mobile text entry (in a table column): does anyone know how to enter a linebreak on Android?
I have created a work around (typing “>>” and have a button replace them with a linebreak), but I’d rather just enter a linebreak in the text I am typing.

Yeah there’s been an issue with autocorrect on Android for a while. This bug has been filed already but just hasn’t been worked on yet.