Coda Mobile App Auto-Correct Issues

Having serious issues with editing Canvas in the mobile app.

Better if I just show you, in this clip I’m intentionally making typos and showing what happens:

When I am typing in a canvas field and make an obvious spelling mistake that Android will auto-correct automatically (Wehre → where) Coda seems to be leaving behind the incorrect letters? As soon as I hit space after typing “Wehre” and my android autocorrect kicks in I end up with WehrWhere. “teh” becomes “the te”

If I tap on a typo’d word and use the android keyboard suggestions to correct my spelling then it does the same thing.

Tapping on a misspelt word brings up a menu that is almost too dark to see the options its giving you. But if you do tap an option there it does work correctly.

Very very frustrating. Not seeing anyone else mention this bug so is it just me?? I am on Android version 14, Pixel 6a.

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If you try to delete on Android using backspace also acts funny by sending the cursor at the beg. of the line.

Another massive issue with Coda app on Android is that it’s way way slower on Android than iOS. So many users have complained about it.


Bumping this thread since I 100% agree the Android experience needs some more love

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I think this goes beyond “needing some love” to be honest. This bug means that taking notes on the go simply doesn’t work right now. I’m shocked this is a widespread issue and hasn’t been fixed.

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