Allow mobile users to use a browser!

We have a basic dashboard and lots of kindle fire tablets mounted on walls. Coda isn’t in the Amazon store and sideloading didn’t launch it correctly. So we have no way of using coda on these tablets because the website redirects to the app.

Letting us bypass this restriction would be very useful.


this is VERY useful
the idea that mobile users need only SEE documents but cant EDIT them (including formulas, new tables &columns, buttons etc) is a very old concept.

today i have many clients who use android and apple TABLETS for everything, never touching windows or mac.

for them i have had to create my own mobile app with a webview window that emulates a desktop chrome browser, so they can access coda correctly. its glitchy. we had to add special buttons to provide desktop-like ux features, like right-click & back-arrow etc.

i believe coda plans an overhaul of the mobile app. well and good!

but a low-hanging quick-win would be an option to simply provide a chrome window that runs coda just like any other website. boom! huge BENEFIT for very little COST! the very definition of good engineering.


Fully support this idea. I’ve invested 2 years of my life developing a coda app and hoping they will have the mobile view working by now. For me this is a show-stopper as at least in Finland, where I live, it seems everyone wants to use their phone for browsing and working.

This is how we enable the full-browser UI for some of our users on mobile…

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