Need help optimizing my doc for mobile

Good morning.

I’ve built a simple doc to help me manage my housesitting responsibilities more effectively. I would like to optimize the doc so that when it is viewed on mobile it looks like a nice app rather than a table shoved into a mobile layout.

My table currently has the following:

  • Image
  • Animal / Plant
  • Task
  • Complete Task Button
  • Notes

I would like the mobile layout to have the following:

  • Image
  • Animal / Plant
  • Task

Swipe left deals with the button just fine. I would like to be able to click on the task / row and open it up to show the notes. Notes are extensive so showing them on the main screen doesn’t look nice.

Thank you very much in advance. I am going to be scanning through the FAQs to see if anyone has already asked questions about mobile. Hoping it is a quick resolution.


Hello @siddarth_datla ,

There is a really quick and nice way to do that: start with a fresh page and place a view of your table on this page. In the table options, choose to display the table as cards.
These cards can be as simple (or complex) as you like with a colored bar as a heading, a picture, or only a couple of field to make it ultra compact.
Open this page on your phone, I am sure you’ll like what you see (or modify until you like it better). Click on one of the cards and it will open with all the fields - and that view can be modified as well.
If you leave out a sort order, you can (on you PC) move cards around (I haven.t been able to do so on a mobile phone), but you can als let Coda sort your cards.
If you need help, share a (dummy) doc and I (or someone else) will help out.

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Thanks for the tip @joost_mineur!

Looks like just playing around with the table, moving columns around, and hiding columns is the best bet for formatting things.

Glad I know that there are other visualizations like cards that are available for our use as well.

In case you find this workaround useful…

Hey @joost_mineur what is the best way to get the colored bar as a heading? Conditional formatting? rectangle()?

Hey @Johg_Ananda ,
That is correct, just apply a conditional format. Don’t set any formula, just apply a color and you are all set. Make sure that in the card layout, the column you are using for that is the first column in the list.
Greetings, Joost