Coda Mobile App still improvable

Hey Folks,

as much as I celebrate Coda in the Desktop/Browser Version I still have many points of criticism about the Coda mobile app.
I know that it’s hyped because it has some features other apps in that category don’t have but please correct me if I’m wrong and only I have issues with that but there are several more simple things that I can’t really do with the mobile app.

  • If I want to share stuff (f. e. text/urls) on my mobile phone I never get the possibility to share it with Coda which it should be able to do because of Notion or OneNote are :frowning:
  • It is a pain in the ass to mark text in Coda over app. Sometimes the keyboard pops up and kills that process although you didn’t asked for it in that moment.
  • The app at all runs pretty slow and bumpy if you really want to edit stuff
  • Many capabilities of the Browser Version are just not given in the Mobile App although they are just simple text formating features. The App is very passive at all as if it says “Use me just for watching and passive stuff. If you want to edit or really work with it - go Desktop/Browser!”.
  • Sometimes you nearly can’t delete Urls in the mobile app. It just stops or popups the keyboard.

I often find myself to rather wait to get to a Desktop Browser to write down my ideas in Coda because the Mobile App is just too bumpy/slow that it just don’t invites me. And this shouldn’t be the case :frowning:

Am I the only one with this trouble?
And if not, are you (Codans) aware of these weaknesses in comparison to Notion etc?
Do you (Codans) have plans to improve the whole thing in future?
I really don’t want Coda to fall back behind Notion or other companys just because they neglect the mobile App which actually is a big point for people nowadays!

Kind regards!

(Technical Background: Huawei Mate 20 Pro with EMUI 10.1.0)


just a suggestion…

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Thanks for the Workaround!
I actually used it some times but its still a pain in the ass.
But this shouldnt be a topic anymore in late 2023…
As good as the desktop version gets developed as bad the mobile version gets neglected which I believe is a big disadvantage in comparisson to competitors like Notion or others.

Kind regards!

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