The coda android app has none of the website's options!

hello to all this great community members,
I’m just trying to move from Notion to Coda, the Coda website is awesome and has many great options, but in the mobile android app I have too many issues, for example I see my calendar views as a list view! and I can’t find how to add new table! even I can’t add different blocks like button,formula,… . comparing to the website, the app has nothing!
please tell me about yiur own experience with the app.
what’s the problem and what should I do? i really need this.

thanks for your attention

Hello @Mojdeh_Khosravi1,

we all know that Coda mobile app is not the best when it comes to features. This is a big (or even the biggest) shortcoming of Coda and that’s why I only use the mobile app for simple things and basically do everything on my laptop or PC.
If you really need to get something done on your smartphone, you can try the web version in your smartphone’s browser.

Ultimately, what software you use is up to you and your preferences - what is important to you and what isn’t.

Let’s hope Coda prioritizes the app one day.



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