Are there plans to improve mobile

Been using Coda for a few months now and absolutely love it. I’ve organized my entire company and my personal life in it. My company doc is large - lots of pages, objects, buttons, etc. But my personal doc is pretty small.

However both are incredibly unstable on iOS. Whenever I start editing, the app frequently crashes. I have also tried making shortcuts to Safari and that is also unstable.

Are there plans to improve this performance on mobile? It looks like these issues go way back since mobile was launched and there are lots of bad reviews in the App Store. I love Coda, but my company is complaining about the instability.


I agree with @Corey_Helton and I would like to add that I find editing on Android not a real feast either. Using the docs as an app (mostly using buttons) works really good, but editing a checklist can already become a little disaster, in particular if you try to ‘fix’ layout type things.

I am not sure if this is just me, but I find coda on it’s best on a computer/laptop for design and editing and useful on mobile to lookup things and/or make very small notes if you design your pages just right.

But, to be honest, if you keep reworking your ‘app’, most things can be made really useful.

Sadly, you’re not the only one :roll_eyes: .
To be honest, I almost never use the app’… Except if it’s just to consult a thing or two…

If I really need to make a quick modification but my laptop is too far away (and I’m too tired or too lazy to go back there :yum: ) I simply use Chrome on my iPad (as it follows me everywhere) … It doesn’t replace the “laptop/computer” feeling but I still can do more than by using the app :roll_eyes: .

I really hope though that the app’ will get better at some point :crossed_fingers: .

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I can only agree. I just switched to Coda from Notion. For the most part I like Coda over Notion (that’s why I switched) but Notion has a much better mobile app. I would really like to see better performance, reliability and usability!


Notion has a much better mobile app

This is true, and especially depressing since Notion’s app itself is quite lacking, to say the least.


I keep asking for bug fixes and more attention for the mobile experience and I am totally ignored. Now, at least for me, on mobile:

  • The text imput control is not showing up the keyboard.
  • The dark mode shows white bars on top and bottom of full screen phones.
  • The app takes a bit of time to load.
  • Tables have an inconsistent way to show column infos.

This is just bugs, but for a truly worth mobile experience, there are a lot more things to do.

For a platform that claims “a doc that works as an app”, it’s far from that accomplishment.

I would like to be heard about this issue @shishir