Move External formulas out of Base Formulas in documentation

It seems the formula list has been updated to include lots of external pack related formulas, like UPS, Wikipedia, etc. This is great! …but :slight_smile: Can they be moved out of the “Base Formula” section? We don’t use many external packs and it’s just distracting to have them along with those formulas that are relevant to all users. Thank you!!


I ran into this yesterday. It was significantly painful having to visually sort through all the pack formulas when searching for foundational formulas.

Further, one of the best ways for new users to learn to use Coda is to study the foundational formula references. Intermixing pack formulas with them makes it more difficult for new users to learn, not less.


You want a separate search for Base Formulas vs Action Formulas? It’s interesting to know that the pack formulas can be confusing in this way and it makes a lot of sense now that I think about it. If you haven’t downloaded those packs, they aren’t really relevant to you and end up in the way. Thank you for sharing!


HI Renita,

How about converting the formula doc to a table - we can filter, sort, whatever we want to do…



Regarding search - not sure if separate search inputs would be overkill. Perhaps the search results could be categorized into base and pack results.

I’m talking about how now they’re all mixed together in the sidebar table of contents, whereas they were previously in separate sections.


Yes exactly that @Ander - it seems like a bug since the section is called “Base Formulas” but there are pack formulas there.

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looks like this is fixed, thanks!


Yup, it turned out to be a bug. Our engineering team released the fix before I could announce it, lol. Thank YOU for bringing it to our attention!