Moving subpages UI around

It would be nice if I had some control of being able to move the subpages UI around on the page. I.E have elements above the subpages.

This helps when you’re not using the standard name / description metafields and are creating your own custom look and feel.


I am using code blocks to create these cool callout boxes that provide descriptions of what a page is used for. It makes more sense from a UX perspective that this box goes first before the subpages.

Especially if I want to add a title to the page or callout boxes with buttons etc that help create more subpages. Actions in my eyes are more important to see first than subpages.

This rings especially true when I want to add more heavy UI that has a higher priority than subpages to the page like my quick nav and action bar on one of my dashboards:

Ideally the sub-pages would then appear below these elements.