MS Teams/Slack Pack: Message specific chat based on project column

Hey has anyone been able to use the slack or ms teams pack to create a button column that you can assign the specific chat to message per row?

i.e. project 1 assign X chat, project 2 assign Y chat, etc.

Am I approaching this the wrong way?

Hi Juan,

Can you check out this example here by copying the doc and seeing if that’s what you’re looking for?

If you check out my screenshot below, you’ll see there’s a field that lets you add the email or channel of the people you want to Slack. If I understand your issue correctly, you’ll want to simply replace the people column in this doc with a “channel” column.

You can write you channel names something like this: #my-channel-name

Hope that helps!

Hmmm im going to test that out, but not sure it works…

In your example it looks like it will still just be limited to selecting one channel for that entire column button and the only thing changing is who is tagged on the message.

I have a table with projects, and I’d like to have a “message this project” button that has a unique chat selected to each button in the specific project row.

Project 1 < Message X chat
Project 2 < Message Y chat

Solved it, turns out I needed to make a relation column for the chats, then expose the chat ID (which is kind of hidden), then point the button to that chat ID column. Then the button will send a message to the specific chat thats being referenced.

Pretty much your example James!

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