Need help sending multiple Slack DMs at once

I have a Meeting Notes table that contains a column for Attendees. After a meeting, I want the Meeting Owner to be able to send finalized Meeting Notes to all attendees as individual Slack messages.

I have successfully sent the message when the column contains a single person, but when multiple are selected, I receive an error that the Slack Channel cannot be found.

How can I write my formula to send the same message to multiple users?

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I thought this would be straight forward but not so much.

I’m thinking there are a couple ways to do this.

As it stands with the “post message” button for the slack pack, if you’re sending a “multi-DM” then you need the channel ID. Which means you would’ve needed to create the slack channel or DM before configuring your button. I just tested it between a co-worker and myself, however this wouldn’t send a unique message to each attendee, rather it would post to an existing DM or channel.

In a different scenerio I image you could have all your attendees in a column, then configure a button with formulamap() functionality (to create a unique row for each attendee in a separate table) and then have a second button in each unique attendee row that send the notes to each attendee as a personal DM via the email associated with their slack handle.

There may be other better ways to do this so I look forward to hearing from others in the community but these are off the top of my head options that may do what you need.

Hi Christa,

Here’s the solution to what you’re working on…

Copy and paste this into the Action section of the Slack button (you’ll need to click the f formula button to get into this formula mode) and you’ll just need to update some of the items like User’s private slack and any of the fields that don’t exactly match.

FormulaMap(thisRow.Colleagues.Email,RunActions(Slack:PostMessage([User’s private Slack account], "[Slack test] " + thisRow.[Project Name Task], CurrentValue)))

Hope this helps! Let us know if you need any help with getting this solution working for you in your doc.



Thanks Luis! I tried this method & I’m still receiving an error:


Here’s a look at my formula.

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Hi Christ, thanks for reaching out!

Would you mind sharing your doc with us so we can take a closer look at the issues you’re encountering?

You can do that by going to Share in the top right-hand corner, clicking the button in the top right (to the left of the “X”), and toggling on Share with Coda Support (the gif below shows how to do this).

Afterward, please send us a link to that doc in your response so we can take a look for you! :smiley:


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