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A quick question. I am playing with the NBA pack and am struggling a bit with the players with names that have either Jr added to their name or have a 2 letter start name eg J.J Reddick or P.J Tucker.

Trying to search them is coming up nil. I have tried looking on and pulling the correct spelling but getting nothing.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.




Dear @Hitch

I recommend to check this post Parsing First/Last Name Issue

Especially the input from Shishir will be very helpful::handshake:

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@Jean_Pierre_Traets Cheers for that, Very Helpful, I have bookmarked that one for laters.

My problem with the NBA pack is sort of the opposite to that, You punch the whole name into a single field. like in the image below.

I have figured out the deal with all of the players with JJ, J.P, T.J as thier first name, you just get rid of the full stops in the name.

I still can’t figure out the players with Jr. or junior in their names

Eg Otto Porter Jr.

I guess i am sort of looking for the source of the nba pack, wether its the site or Espn or ect, so you can check the spelling that it needs to be.

if anybody does know that it would be a great help.





Hi @Hitch,

Usually, you can find the Pack’s source on the Packs Formulas page, but the NBA Pack doesn’t show a source.

A little trick to see the source of the Pack is to look at the Sources tab in the DevTools within Chrome. Here, it looks like the pack is referencing the NBA website (

With that being said, we used the MySportsFeeds API.

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Awesome, Thank you so much for that, will have a jump in and play.