Playground Doc - A Collection of Tips, Tricks, and Examples

While cruising through the forum, I found myself wanting to try the tricks that are posted and to work through examples in order to see the formulas in action. I decided to create a Playground Doc where I can reference some of my favorite posts.

Check it out and let me know if you like the idea!

:page_facing_up: Playground Doc

If you’d like to edit formulas and test and build further, please copy the doc.

It’s also important to me to always give credit, so if you ever see any solutions posted and you know they are on a Community Post already, don’t hesitate to message me and call me out on it.

Thanks for checking it out!


Love this @benblee! Super helpful way to learn the concepts. We have a Getting Started doc as well that showcases the basic building blocks, but this is a great way to understand how they work together.

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Would also set this to “View Only” access and ask folks to copy it so you can prevent any major edits per your ask above :).

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Thanks for checking it out!

I changed permissions to “View Only” now.

@benblee, Great job.:trophy:
I started sometime ago to create a similar doc. Just to practice the input from the community and own developments… At least for me, I need to have hands on to learn/remember the formulas.

@shishir has posted a great way to split (multiple) names, works better than mine. :rocket:
I really appreciate these forms of inspiration, showing the potential of Coda :bulb:

Kind regards,
Jean Pierre

Thank you @Jean_Pierre_Traets!

I added a couple more examples: Shishir’s Split Names and Per User Search.

I added a Time Zones example that’s customizable.

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