Need advice on a doc structure that is scalable + secure for creative studio startup

I am a freelancer and I am evolving into a company with a few other freelancers. Coda is the best option for us, but I need to figure out how best to use workspaces, docs, and pages.

We do VFX work for clients and also develop our own IP (small games and pitches for film/tv). We have game developers and artists who join the project and need access to the backlog for that game

Below is the structure I am trying out - what’s important is that some developers will only see the “GAME B BACKLOG” page and table, but will have no access to other documents. It may be that developers on “GAME A” or “B” need access to ONLY a particular character from the story document… is that possible?

Where do people in the coda community see us running into security or scalability issues given the following structure:

studio workspace

studio overview [doc]

  • all projects [summary of client projects and game progress]
  • billing and financial stuff [page]

clients [doc]

  • projects [table][page]

game A [doc]

  • game design document [page]
  • art bible [page]
  • backlog [page][table]

game b [doc]

  • same as game A

film/tv pitch C [doc]

Story [doc]

  • overview of the storyworld that relates to games A and B and pitch C [page]
  • characters [page] [table]

Hi Paul,

Welcome to the community!

There are many ways to implement this. My personal preference would be to have everything in a single document. The information that you need to share with other parties, can then be made available in a doc via one of the cross doc functionalities.

This impacts on the decision when to use pages vs canvas columns. It appears that Coda is nudging us to make use of canvas column rather than pages.

Much to discuss in this question…
It’s just a ramble,
Rambling Pete

Hi Piet! Thanks for the ramble :wink: it’s helping me see a couple of gaps in my Coda knowledge to address quickly - canvas columns for one. Will look that up now.

On the other point about “cross doc functionalities” - let me be sure I have this clear, apologies if this is a daft question or super obvious! Ok… so, I put everything in one Document from the start… then, when I see that one of the Pages in the Document is the only thing that i want to give access to (to a developer for example), then you’re suggesting only at that point should I then move the Page into a new Doc and set the permission on the new Doc to allow just that developer.

Have I understood it right ? :slight_smile: I hope so, because it makes sense to me lol…

(also will be googling “cross doc” right now too)

ok… quick update. I read up on Canvas columns and cross docs… canvas columns will help in some areas, thanks for point that out.

Cross docs… need to play around a bit I think!

Hi Paul,

Technically, what you “cross doc” in the cross doc pack, is a view of a table.

There are also other packs available that provide that kind of functionality:

Finally, the restricted sharing of information is high on Coda’s agenda. I expect that in the not too distant future we will be hearing more from them. The following thread is a bit long, but with useful information.

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