Need some help from you pro coda experts

I am trying to move wholesale orders to coda, so any advise would be great.
I want to have a list of orders, be able to see an order, and make some sort of invoices for downpayment and balance payment.

The tricky part is the inventory - it is a retail inventory which goes 2 variants deep- basically 1 unit is A in B in 18 .

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Dear @Haik,

Welcome to the community :handshake:

At first I recommend to create a doc, where you as good as possible try to explain the desired outcome.
Now worries about formulas.
This will make it much more easy for the community members to start giving you a helping hand.

PS. there are some interesting inventory templates available, that might come close

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Hi @Haik, there are some templates on this new page we created that might be interesting for you to check out: