Need to Display Table with Internal Data to External Entity

I have a table → purchase_request. My internal team members add their purchase requests to this table. There’s a button that I made → “Create RFQ (Request For Quotation)”. Clicking this button leads to the purchase request data being copied over to a RFQ table.
What I need now is to open this RFQ table to my external vendors. I want them to be able to take a look at my required/requested products and their specifications along with the quantities and fill out their proposed rates for the individual items.
Creating a form doesn’t work because with a form, you can only get one row of data at a time. What a vendor would need is a simple table view with all the requested items present and he/she simply fills out the rates data in a corresponding column.
In the play mode, everything setup works perfectly except data is not saved or that I can’t create an input stream to my internal system…
Any hacks / workarounds please?

Hi Apurv,

Please search the community for “Cross doc”.

You will find numerous discussions on how to make selected pieces of information available to outsiders that should not have access to the rest of the info in your doc.


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