Self Referencing Table within Layouts

In the spirit of @Paul_Danyliuk’s wonderful method of just trying things that kinda make sense and most of the time they’ll probably work, I set about attempting a rather interesting little Layout challenge.

I have a set of CRM activities (rows in a table) that I’m presenting in a layout. That’s all nice and easy.

However, knowing the awesome power of adding tables into layouts (something I’ve taken tonnes of advantage of) I thought I might go one step further and bring in a self referenced table. Now - its not worked how I’d like - YET - but I feel I’m either just one or two steps away, or I’ve gone about it the whole wrong way / there’s a much easier solution.

So my CRM activities all relate to a company. I filter the table via company - giving me the ability to select all the different activities associated with that company.

But it just shows up as a menu of dates (which is what I intend - but I feel like there’s something much more powerful that can be built!)

So in my CRM Activities table, I added a new column which looksup ALL the entires for that company, and just collects them as a list.

I then displayed that column in my layout view - and set it to be a table.

My Intended outcome : It would display a small table with all the entries for the current company. I’d just select a few important columns, and all would be awesome.

What happened : I got my table, but it only displays one row (the current one) and only allows columns that are not already in the view to be displayed.

I have this strange feeling that there’s something caused by being self referring that is going to cause this problems, but I’m still going to have a red hot go at solving it! :slight_smile:

EDIT : As noted below, I’m a bit of a klutz, but I’m leaving this here for now, as attempting to change it all would just confuse things further. But I wasn’t putting a copy of the viewed table row in this layout at all, but another test table. !!! My bad. Still trying to figure out how to achieve a version of what I’d like, but I’m currently heading in a slightly different direction. At least I understand what was going on now!

If something doesn’t make sense, I need to be much quicker in assuming I’ve stuffed up.

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I have got a similar result using an external table view…but it would be OH so elegant for that info to be in the layout view as an embedded table.

See below my workaround…

I’m a bit thick
What I thought I was doing and what I was actually doing were two very different things.
The table I was bringing in was a test contacts table - not the hidden columns in my CRM activities.
No wonder everything was a little odd.
I have a couple different paths I’m trying / following up on now. I’ll update as I figure out, unless someone else has some wonderful suggestions / more ideas

Would be very helpful if you could share the doc, either publicly here or with me privately

I’m curious what you’re having a problem with, but I don’t understand it fully without interacting with the doc myself.

Heya! I have just had a marathon session figuring everything out - and came up with a very different solution to what I initially intended, but its both simpler and much easier for our sales to use!

I understand my posts here were not clear! I’ll try and get some time tomorrow to write up what I found out.

As for nesting tables within themselves, its something I never managed to figure out, but the final solution I came up gave the same result to the user! :slight_smile: . There’s always more than one way to skin a cat!

Here’s what my final solution looks like (with a hidden control table away behind the scenes!)

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