Self-referencing Lookup column filtering current row

I have a column that is a lookup to the same table (used to connect related rows).

I want to prevent accidentally referencing to self (same row).

So far I was able to filter by using _Item settings _ with formula name != but that filters out by name and if the names are duplicate it doesn’t allow select the related value.

Is there an option to actually filter the currentRow as a general item?

Hi @Daniel_Srb,
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You can rely on a unique attribute - such as RowId() - so if you simply add a Row ID column containing RowId(thisRow) (also by easily selecting one of the Properties Columns as on the snapshot), then you can set the Item Settings like Row ID != thisRow.Row ID

Let me know if this helps.


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Moreover, no need for Row ID

You can write CurrentValue != thisRow

In Filter() context, CurrentValue is the row being currently evaluated.

Also @Daniel_Srb for the bulletproof solution of your potential problem see:


Even better.

And gives answer also to