Creating a CRM - Can't link Activities Table

So I am trying to include a list of interactions/activities to one column of my company view. So when Company A has 15-500 interactions, it shows it all there.

However, it is not displaying correctly and it’s massively frustrating.

Anyone have a step by step guide on how to do this?

Are you able to share more information about how your tables and columns are setup?

One idea: If you are using a view of the Activities Table, and that table has all the data about interactions, then you can use a filter in the view to only show interactions relating to a specific company. For more information on filters, Coda has an article here:

Another idea: Use the List formula ( to group all of the relevant data.

Happy to provide a more detailed explanation if needed, but that would require some additional information about the document.

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I found out that it wasn’t my lookup formula that was wrong, it was that I didn’t set the display column to my notes. It is fixed now.