Combining Data from 2 Tables

My application is a CRM with customary tables for Companies and People. Here is what I’m trying to accomplish:

Let’s say I filter my Companies table to arrive at a subset of companies that match the project I’m working on.

I then want a list of people who work at those companies. In other words, I want to filter the People table to show only those people who work at Companies that survived the first filter.

But I cannot repeat the filter operation on the People table because it doesn’t have the same descriptor columns as the Company table.

So, how would I filter the People table to only show people from the appropriate companies?

HI Corey,

Can you please provide some more in formation?

What is the relationship between the people and the companies?

If you know that people are linked to (certain) companies, you can use that link to determine, for each company, the poeple that work there.


Hi @Corey_Luskin ,

to make this work smoothly your People table should have a lookup column to the Company table where you can select the correct company for every employee.

You can then click on “Add filter” in the filter settings of the People table and choose “Company”, your Company column.

If your filter for the Company table is a control on the canvas, change “is any of” to “uses interactive filter” and select the filter control, thats it.

If your filter is a little more complex, your people filter needs to point directly to the filtered view of companies. Click on “Show formula” and replace the code with of Company Table). This only works, if the filtered view is actually a view and not the original table!

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That makes sense. Thanks!

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