Net Working Days

I have a column labeled as Production Start: This date is manual inputted.

I have a column that states estimated # of days that is auto generated using a formula;

I want to add the estimated # of days to the production start to give me a end date, excluding weekends, and holidays.

I used the following formula, but this is not correct.

Ah yep, NetWorkingDays() is for calculating the working days between two dates.

To add X business days to a date, use Workday(StartDate, NumberOfDaysToAdd)

(optionally you can add a third parameter for a list of holidays - I usually keep this list in a table in my doc, so I can reference it in multiple business-day-related formulas. If you do it like this, your third parameter would be HolidaysTable.HolidayDate if you call the date column in the holidays table HolidayDate. For bonus points, I have a doc in my workspace that has a table of all the holidays observed by my organization, and then use Cross-Doc to pipe it into any docs that need business day math, so that I can update the holiday list in one place and have it automatically propagate everywhere else)


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