Working days remaining for each employee

Good day!
Here are the tables people and projects, I would like to have a formula which would help me to auto count the remaining working days for each employee.

I have already found net working days formula:

NetWorkingDays(startDate, endDate, holidays)

But it didn’t cover all my needs, I want to be able to add vacations, sick days, etc., and have an auto-counted number of remaining workdays for each person.

Also, I want to have connections for end dates between developers and the project end dates.
For example:

In projects table Project 1 have end date on 3/4/2020, in the project working 2 developers( dev1, dev2).
In other table (people table) we have the ability to set start/end day manually. So, I want also to have the ability, when the developer is currently working on Project 1 set manually End date in people table on 4/4/2020 then it will automatically change the end date of this project in the projects table on 4/4/2020.
And if on the project are working 2 or more people, then choose the latest end date for these projects between developers.
And end dates of other developers should be the same as previously.

I would be extremely grateful if you could help me with it!

Dear @Vitalii_Simonov,

This is not something to be solved quickly, but to give you the right directions, to my opinion you should use the solution from this post

In this way you will be able to find all days of the project and in case of matching dates in between the project and the sickdays, nat. holidays, etc. to deduct them to calculate the net working days by project

It’s a bit the question to play around step by step and when you get one solved the rest can be added in the same manner. :four_leaf_clover: