Restricting Dates to Workdays

For my project plans, I want my start and stop date columns for each task to only allow workdays. Is there a way to restrict in that manner?


It’s hard to help specifically with the little co text provided. But you’ll find some good friends in the following Coda formulas:

  • WorkDay()
  • NetWorkingDays()

hi @Sara_Bogardus

I understand your wish, but this is not possible, unless you use a lookup column that contains all dates and you filter out via options on working dates, but that is not practical and user friendly.

the suggestions made have their limited relevance.


With limited I mean they assume that your working day is always Mon - Friday, so no weekend work or or a week starting on Saturday as first day of the week.

You ask for the start date, the end date and by using the suggested functions you can count the days somebody worked or calculate the next working day in a different column or on the canvas.

May it be you need something more fancy, you need to write your own functions and use additional tables that contain per employee their planning like from Feb 01 - Feb 15, working on Sat, Sun, Mon, Feb 16 - Feb Mach 01, only on Wednesday etc.

Cheers, Christiaan

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