Newbie question : How to read the "Debug Calculations"?

Hi all ! :blush:

I’m sorry if this is a stupid question but I really would like to know how to read the “Debug Calculations” of a doc :sweat_smile: .

I’m currently working on a doc where I know I need to rewrite some formulas due to performance issues (or at least try to) but I’ve never used the debug calculations tool until now and I’m a bit lost now facing the results :sweat_smile: .

Any help would be greatly appreciated :grin: !

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Dear @Pch


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Ah :blush: ! Thanks @Jean_Pierre_Traets !

The help page concerning the debug calculations might have changed not so long ago, because it wasn’t as understandable (for me at least) as it is now :blush: , that’s why I asked :blush: !


I’ve hesitated some times to come back here but, I’ve got to ask :sweat: : How much time can it take to debug a doc ? :blush:

The doc I’m trying to “correct” with the debug calculation tool is not a big doc (data weight speaking) but it has a certain amount of tables with sometimes long formulas (which is why I’m trying to debug it :yum: )

There’s one formula using Now() I’ve already corrected as far as I could ( Now() seems to be a one of the “slow formulas”) gaining few ms in the process :blush: .

But, I let the debug calculations tool running for hours yesterday and it never got over that formula thus, it never stopped measuring :thinking: .

Is that normal ? :sweat_smile:
Does that mean that my only slow formula is the one using Now()(which I need) ? :thinking:
(I would find that pretty surprising as I know for sure I have a lot more formulas to try and optimize in the other sections of that doc :blush: )

Sorry for the newbie question again :sweat_smile: !
Any help will still be greatly appreciated :grin: