Is the calculation debugger wildly inaccurate?

I have a large doc, with loads of tables, views, conditional formatting - you name it, but it’s otherwise a normalized, well-behaved schema.

As the doc got bigger (a few thousand rows per table), most things continued to function rather well, a nice surprise - except for one thing:

clicking a button ‘add bill’ in a row of the the table Expenses, adds a row in a sub-table Bills. and I have views of Bills set up to show only the bills of the current expense.

Now here’s what happens when this button is clicked, with calculations debugger on:

  • I immediately get notification that the row has been added
  • The doc does not show calculating , but hangs for a good 10 seconds or so
  • calculating eventually starts
  • The debugger then shows that my total calculation time is 4 seconds or so.
  • The row finally appears in my filtered view after between 15 and 20 seconds from the click of the button.

I went on a long investigation, copying my doc, and stripping features one by one until I get the “advertised” calculation time for this action down to just under a second, but it still takes some 10 to 15 seconds for the row to appear.

Have you experienced something similar ? Is is it normal that the calculation debugger is wildly off and unhelpful in resolving speed issues? it’s as if not all calculations are actually caught by the debugger.

I’m hesitant to contact support because I’m fairly used to the usual optimization tricks which I’m sure don’t work here (plus my doc is in Chinese so… :smiling_face_with_tear:)

Off-topic question: How do you deal with the Chinese IME bug when using the Coda editor.

Use standard system keyboard (so not 搜狗,Google Keyboard, etc), and hope for the best !
The bug comes and goes. recently, I haven’t been experiencing it.

This is an interesting one, @Nad! We’ll follow up via DM.

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