[Now in Beta] Dream big with Salesforce, now in Coda [Enterprise]

As we’ve worked with more teams to Coda-fy their amazing rituals, we’ve become huge fans of Salesforce and we’ll let you in on a big secret: it’s one of the only non-Coda tools we use here. But as we rolled it out, we found ourselves itching to use it within Coda.

We missed the ability to contextualize our opportunity and account data with our account plays. We wanted to do forecasting with filtered, customized tables views. And we wanted to pull reports with automations that can refresh data and push it out to email and Slack.

So we built a Pack, which I’m excited to say is launching in beta today! Our hope is that this helps you expand your informational universe, bringing your Salesforce data into Coda for a complete single source of truth.

PRD-21014-Product Launch 091521_Salesforce Pack GIF.gif|1000x523.3333333333334

A few things to keep in mind:

  • You need to have Salesforce access to enable the beta. But like all Packs, it’s enabled on the doc-level so your teammates without access can play with the data once you’ve set it up for them
  • We’re releasing this in Beta so there may still be functional limitations. In our internal testing, we haven’t found anything that prevents people from doing the thing they love in Coda - so we wanted to open up this feature as soon as possible. If you see anything we should address, please let us know through this feedback form .
  • This is currently only available on the enterprise tier.

Know someone on your Sales team or in your life who needs to try this pack? Send them to this form to book a meeting to learn more.


Nice. Could you do HubSpot next? That’s the CRM that we use.



As a Salesforce consultant, I would LOVE to be able to bring Salesforce metadata into Coda, and then use Coda as my project management tool for Salesforce implementations.

(Yes, I know that functionality would have very limited appeal :wink:.)

REALLY neat feature, but a shame that it is only available on Enterprise - there are LOADS of people out there who use Salesforce and need a better way to see their deals and pipeline that don’t have access to Enterprise…would be cool to have this on lower tiers for those individuals that have been using Coda for a while… :crossed_fingers:


Make a other copy for it pls

This is exciting news. I don’t have access to Enterprise so I’m unable to determine whether one can access data from custom objects? @chris Can one lookup records on custom objects? Is that what the LookupRecords formula does?

Hi @David_Payne1,

Yes, we return both custom fields on built-in objects as well as full custom objects. The LookupRecords formula or Records sync table can be used for these.

We’ll have some exciting announcements about Packs (we see your requests!) at our Block Party Virtual Event on October 6th. Grab your free ticket at Coda Block Party 2021 [Virtual] - Oct 06 | Hopin