Only 1 url allowed in a imagerUrl cell?

I really like that you can upload many images to the same cell, but I can’t make it happen with urls instead of direct attachments.
I also tried

list(“url1”, “url2”)

but the cell would display the image for url1 only, without throwing any error.

Am I missing something?
Any help much appreciated,

so the trick is to switch the format of the column to Text and use this formula:

list(Image(“url1”), Image(“url2”))

The annoying issue is that even if the two images are displayed in the same cell, the lightbox gallery is independent for each one.
So you can’t load the next image when you are in lightbox mode.
Do you know how to fix this? It’s very annoying.

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Hi @Andr,

This is a cool use-case and isn’t a way we first anticipated people using this feature. I haven’t found a workaround yet, but will add this to our notes to see if this is something we can update.

Hi @BenLee, thanks for checking in.
I’m using it this way because I like that Coda arranges the images next to each other when they are loaded in the same cell, forming a sort of grid view if you enlarge the cell.

This is a more compact display than Cards View and it’s more suitable for my specific use case: a master catalogue of scanned books pages, newspaper articles and photos, that I filter based on the topic I need to write about. Important for me is space efficiency: every book page has its own entry in the db, so it’s a lot of images to display that need to be at hand.

I’ve built a first prototype for my workflow, have a look at the ‘Grid View’ in
The images are rendered through json strings and loaded into a lookup (notice the circular frame around the thumbnails). As mentioned earlier, one issue is with the lightbox not being global for all the items in the cell.