Open PDF via button

Hey all,

I’m trying to make the UX of my client portal a bit easier. Part of that is having buttons to open stuff quickly for them.

When you click a PDF in a table it opens the preview of it nice and easy. However I cant seem to find a formula that will allow me to open it via a button.

Activate doesnt work. Openwindow just opens a window with the files name as a URL.

Is there an easier solution here?


Hey there! Unfortunately I don’t think there’s a great way to do this right now, and using that openwindow formula would be my suggested workaround. I can totally see how useful this would be though so I can confirm we’ve gone ahead and filed this as a feature request in the meantime :smile:


Great to hear that @Jasmine_B !

Thank you Jasmine for your reply and filing!

hey @Paul_Danyliuk, i believe Imigx has a PDF rendering feature, could this be combined with a button to provide what is needed here ?


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